Who Is Jack Mitchell?

Mitchells featured in PBS documentary “Leading With Kindness”

PBS Documentary "Leading with Kindness"

Executives who lead with kindness get superior results from employees. We are humbled that clips from Mitchells and Richards stores and interviews with associates have been chosen to be part of the PBS documentary film that includes interviews with executives of Google, Eileen Fisher, Pitney Bowes, and Julliard called "Leading with Kindness".

Some of you had the pleasure of working with Gino Del Guercio and his film crew while they were in the stores. Thank you for your effort to make them feel right at home… here's what Gino has to say about his experience: 

And here's the link to the Mitchells segment on the film website:
Thanks and hugs to all!
- Jack

Jack Mitchell with Al Roker on the "TODAY Show"

Jack Mitchell on CNBC

Jack Mitchell on the TODAY Show with Katie Couric - "Men at Work" Segment